Michelle Sjögren Leong

Position: Director Senior Consultant

Years of Experience: 10

Michelle’s background in construction resource efficiency and her pioneering research into the root causes of material and environmental waste led her naturally to discover the revolutionary improvement offered by lean construction. Since then she has pursued the deployment of lean construction with unmatchable vigour. Michelle’s enthusiastic and energetic approach wins teams over quickly and her technical skill ensures the desired outcomes are achieved.

Michelle is a trainer and assessor in the Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) S/NVQ and played a pivotal role in the successful translation of this qualification to the construction sector. She is consistently producing improvements with her client base and the vast majority of her consultancy services are provided to repeat customers. Michelle’s no-nonsense approach ensures that all agreed team actions are closed in a timely manner and ensures that the facilitated teams succeed and are further enthused.



  • Lean Office, Construction, Infrastructure, Services & Sustainability
  • BIT NVQ training/assessment
  • Qualifications authorship
  • Hoshin Kanri
  • Supply chain developments
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Six Sigma tools

Key Achievements

  • £1.6M savings identified in a Gas Alliance Lean Diagnostics
  • Improvements to tender hit rates from 1 in 6 to 4 in 6
  • Planned activities achieved in design process by over 50%
  • Reduction of preliminary costs of up to 10% on major projects
  • 30% reduction of time in tenant properties in social housing
  • Reduced 24 man working days in a year for 1 staff in a company implementing Lean Office
  • Reduction of design team consultant visits to site by 30%
  • 24% productivity improvement by a LA gas services maintenance team

Key Projects

  • Pioneered and conducted construction and demolition waste audits using SMART Waste on major flagship projects in the SE contributing to the first benchmarking figures used in the UK
  • Construction Lean Improvement Programme
  • Major lean transformation project with a nationwide builder working regionally on strategy with upper management, raising awareness and implementing improvements on project level
  • Lean improvement project with a regional contractor’s supply chain achieving complete design at handover to site
  • In-depth diagnostics project with a national company specialising in infrastructural services
  • Trainer & Assessor in the Construction BIT NVQ Pilot Programme 2008, England
  • Trainer & Assessor in the Construction BIT NVQ Pilot Programme 2009, Wales
  • Trainer & Assessor in the Construction BIT NVQ Pilot Programme 2010, Scotland

Contract Specific Experience

  • Extensive demonstrated experience of improvement interventions within the UK construction market from 8 years consultancy experience within the industry
  • Michelle contributes a wealth of practical understanding of the application of continuous improvement.  She prides herself in her outputs from helping companies increase their bottom line through e.g. quality improvements, lead time reductions in design, management and build processes
  • Accredited PTLLS trainer and A1 assessor of the BIT NVQ in the UK construction industry
  • Provision of Lean Sigma training to Collaborative Working Centre (CWC)
  • Successful lean improvement projects conducted directly with over 30 different companies plus their supply chain
  • Ability to travel as shown by her commitment to cover current lean interventions across all parts of England, Wales and Scotland
Professional Membership
Health & Safety Qualifications CSCS Construction Site Visitor
Environmental Qualifications MSc Sustainable Environmental Mgmt
CSCS Reg. no. 02247036/1, Exp. 31 Aug 2011
IFL Associate:- Reg. AE011879
Teacher Qualifications A1 assessor
PTTLS trainer

Communication and project management skills

Michelle works successfully with all organisational levels within companies of all sizes, and works with customers on strategy, policy deployment, improvement champion training and supplier development, in addition to detailed process improvements

She has excellent communication and project management skills as has been demonstrated through her ability to achieve over 50% repeat business

Michelle has been managing multiple projects funded by Construction Skills’ M&SDP funding achieving 100% milestones and objectives with successful quantitative and qualitative outcomes demonstrated in various case studies produced

She has also written peer reviewed papers for conferences in the subject of lean and the environment for the UK Construction industry

Industry Experience

  • Successful lean interventions touching over 50 companies
  • Achieved sustainability of lean interventions through repeat customers’ desire for company wide lean transformation
  • Versatility in adaption of thinking, tools and techniques to various processes from concept design to facilities maintenance
  • Versatility in adaption of thinking, tools and techniques to various sectors within the Construction and Engineering industry including office, service, business environment and the build process
  • Pioneering research into Lean Sustainability

Added Value

Michelle was pivotal in the implementation of the BRE Waste management initiative SMART Waste and led the development of the SMART Waste construction and demolition software.

Developed in conjunction with a colleague, a BTEC qualification “Delivering Rapid Improvement in Construction”

Successfully delivered and piloted the first BIT NVQ qualification in construction

First UK accredited A1 assessor of the BIT NVQ in construction

Evolving the lean methodology to incorporate sustainable development in order to help good companies become great, in order to achieve “world class” performance